Background & Team

Kitchenbowl is a community for people to share and discover recipes as well as track their cooking journey. We wanted to create a cooking platform that makes learning how to cook fun and accessible.

"Our mission is to make home-cooking attainable for everyone, and to help people form lasting, healthy habits."

At Kitchenbowl, we believe that everyone is a cook, and with quality, step-by-step instructions, home-cooking is not only attainable but also enjoyable. Repeating video clips and images displaying techniques accompany each step of the cooking process, making the creation of meals simple and fun. Kitchenbowl is a platform for people who are passionate about cooking and a community where people can create and share their favorite recipes. The company is headquartered in Seattle. For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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Our Products

Our first product, Kitchenbowl Recipes & Cookbook, reinvents the recipe with photos and GIFs for every step. Food bloggers can easily create and publish step-by-step recipes through the mobile iOS app to share with their audience. Consumers can search for recipes by categories, create collections, and follow inspiring food bloggers and chefs. Kitchenbowl was featured by Apple as a Best New App on both the iPhone (2014) and Apple TV (2015).

Our second product, Fork It — launched and showcased in the Future of Food at SXSW — helps the everyday person build healthier habits by tracking their home-cooked meals. People can "fork" a recipe from the web, share a photo of what they’ve made, and track their cooking progress. Through challenges, badges, and points, cooking becomes a fun and lasting habit — helping people save money, lose weight, and become a better cook.

In the News

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