Community Guidelines


Stay food-focused.

Kitchenbowl is a social community for cooking enthusiasts to share and discover recipes, not selfies and puppies (as cute as they are). All the photos you share must be food or drink related. If you are a food-related brand, it's okay to subtly feature kitchen products used to create a recipe, but please focus on the food, not the gear.

Be original.

It's fine to be inspired by others as that's how recipes are developed and reinterpreted, but remember, we're looking for YOUR recipes with your creative flair, not someone else's. All the photos you publish must be your own. Your profile is essentially your culinary portfolio, representing your unique flavor, and you should honor that.

Aspire to be artistic & creative.

With a mission to inspire one another, we're always on the lookout for recipes we'd love to feature and share with the community. Our algorithm may tell us which recipes have the most activity, but when word of mouth (and social buzz) tell us which have the highest "wow factor", we definitely notice.

Be detail-oriented but to the point.

People love Kitchenbowl because complex recipes are broken down into bite-sized steps that are easy to digest. Recipes with clear steps and well-documented ingredients are the easiest to follow, so the more clarity and accuracy, the better! Each recipe should have at least two steps, and each step should only focus on one or two tasks at hand, so people can follow along without confusion.

Have meaningful interactions.

Although we want our community members to be successful in their own endeavors, we don't believe massive self-promotion and spamming are proper means of getting there. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and remember, genuine conversations go a long way.

Link thoughtfully.

It's fine to notify others of your food blog or web sources for more information related to a recipe, but please add links in a manner that augments the recipe, not detract from it.


Don't share content that isn't yours.

If you found an inspiring image off the internet, this isn't the place to share it (even if it's food related). If someone else's recipe inspires you, you may bookmark it to your collections and you can try making it and posting a photo of your creation in response, but you may not save all of their images and repost the same exact recipe. This isn't a "reblogging" community.

Don't get off topic.

This isn't a bulletin board for all of your blog announcements or a generic channel for daily life updates (unless, you're posting about food, of course). All non-food or drink related posts will be removed at our discretion. Worse yet, vulgar or obscene photos will not be tolerated and will result in the suspension of your account. We'll know when peaches and cream aren't peaches and cream.

Don't be rude.

Some cooks are less experienced than others. Don't point out flaws just to belittle others; instead, offer helpful tips and advice that everyone can benefit from. If we receive complaints about bullies, haters, or trolls, we'll send a warning or disable your account — and you don't want that. It's like us taking away your apron or chef's hat.

Don't mess with hot oil.

If we find your bot trying to generate queries or scrape data from our site, we might be angrily flattered (or just furious), but you'll be in big, big trouble. (Trouble bigger than tryptophan and serotonin interfering on what was a promising dinner date.)


We reserve the right to review any User Content, investigate, and take appropriate action against you in our sole discretion (including removing or modifying your User Content, terminating your Account in accordance with Section 10, and reporting you to law enforcement authorities) if you violate the Acceptable Use Policy or any other provision of this Agreement or otherwise create liability for us or any other person.