Kitchenbowl Badges

Kitchenbowl badges are designed for our recipe contributors to showcase on their personal blogs. These badges link back to your Kitchenbowl profiles where your recipes and photos are displayed!

To use these badges...

  1. Copy the code for the badge you'd like to use below.
  2. Paste it into say, the sidebar or footer widget of your blog.
  3. Replace 'username' in the href with your actual Kitchenbowl username.
  4. Change the width and height values of the image to fit your needs. We recommend staying within 100-200.

Note: the images go up to 300px, but if you want them to stay sharp and clear on retina devices, we recommend sizing them 150px or smaller. Make sure your width and height values are the same to avoid distortion!

Kitchenbowl Buttons

These buttons are designed for you to link to and promote your Kitchenbowl profile! Let your readers know that you're part of the Kitchenbowl community.

icon48px.png: icon32px.png: icon24px.png: icon16px.png: button.png:

Dynamic codes coming soon! In the meantime, here are some pointers, if you can't wait:

  1. Copy the sample code below.
  2. Replace 'username' in the href with your actual Kitchenbowl username.
  3. Change the end of the img src to the button you want, like icon48px.png. If you'd like retina, append @2x to it, like [email protected]
  4. Change the width and height accordingly.

Kitchenbowl Widgets

Coming soon!