About Us

The Story

What started out as a trivial goal to learn how to cook soon turned into a substantial frustration with existing online recipes and their general lack of context, accuracy, and organization. We thought to ourselves, "Well here's a good opportunity..." So as an experiment, we hired a chef, set up cameras and light boxes, cooked up a storm, and scribbled notes furiously. After a very exhaustive (though gastronomic) evening, we realized that not only did we need to create a better recipe source but also a simpler recipe creation tool. Thus, we built Kitchenbowl, the mobile app and website for cooking enthusiasts to easily share and discover recipes!

The Team

Ryan Waliany Tech Founder & CEO

Ryan grew up on fast food and soda, and somehow those empty calories nourished his expeditive brain through college, where he started his first startup (advised by Steve Wozniak). Since then, he has bootstrapped two companies to profitability, advised a few others, and eaten a little better. Now he loves a fresh green juice and lives in Seattle, where there's no In-N-Out or Tommy's to tempt him after the gym.

Serena Wu Design Founder & CCO

Serena grew up on instant foods from the dry/packaged aisle and frozen section, because her parents were so busy. Instant meals (this time, take-out or delivered) were still the norm, while she worked at various startups late into the night. Those efforts weren't wasted though, as three of her apps have been featured by Apple, and another, acquired. She cooks a lot more these days and stays away from preservatives.

Jacky Yip CTO

Since a young age, Jacky has had the good fortune of being able to sample various cuisines. He loves all foods, bitter or sweet (just no beans, peppers, potatoes, tofu...). After spending much of his life in Hong Kong and Toronto, Jacky moved to Seattle and started putting his noodle to work at Microsoft then Amazon, where he worked on the iOS shopping app with just three other engineers.

Andrea Louie BD & Operations

Andrea grew up on unhealthy snacks and microwavable food. While she still hasn't lost her love for cheesy crackers, her life now includes healthy activities (like marathoning!) and healthy foods (like fresh vegetables!). Andrea was born and raised in Seattle and was a corporate attorney at Wilson Sonsini. She is slowly improving her cooking repertoire and would love to make your best recipes!

Kristen Stevens Marketing

Kristen grew up eating delicious home-cooked meals made by her grandmother and spent numerous hours helping out in the kitchen. Since then, she has worked as a food photographer for various publications to food establishments, as well as on the marketing team at Sasquatch Books. Kristen's favorite meal to make is an apricot jam, prosciutto, and brie panini with a side of kale chips.

Anna Pai Senior Product Engineer

Anna grew up on balanced and tasty Taiwanese meals cooked by her mom. Ever since she moved out for college, she has been trying to re-create dishes like her mom's. Anna was born and raised in Taipei before moving to Seattle. She also lived in the Bay Area for a bit before moving back for Microsoft, where she worked on products such as Windows and Xbox. She really likes her soups, especially with daikon.

Jennifer Chung Culinary Director

Jenn grew up on not-so-delicious food, recalling breakfasts from childhood consisting of cornmeal porridge or steamed hot dogs. Determined to make up for it during adulthood, Jenn prides herself on her discerning palate and willingness to eat adventurously. With a varied background in visual arts, education, and (of course) the culinary arts, she loves teaching people how to become better cooks.

Advisory Board

Jon Staenberg (Seattle)

El Jefe of Argentinean winery, Hand of God Wines; Maestro of dining sensation, The VUDE.

Bill Moore (Seattle)

CEO & President of AllRecipes from 1999-2006, who made it what it is today.

Stanley Wong (San Francisco)

Former VP of Ad Products at Glam Media & early Yahoo employee.

Ramu Yalamanchi (San Francisco)

Former CEO & Founder of Hi5 Networks.

Nan Kirsten Forte (New York)

Former CIO "Content Queen" of WebMD.

Alex Gounares (Seattle)

Former CTO of AOL & Microsoft Online Services.

Elisabeth Galvin (Santa Barbara)

Owner of Delyse, a large food manufacturer and sourcer for airlines and national retailers.

Michelle Yam (Southern California)

Food & lifestyle photographer who has 50k+ followers on Instagram.


Jon Staenberg

Lead investor and largest Angel in Seattle (StubHub, Evite, Seagate & more).

Bill Moore

Former CEO of AllRecipes. Inventor of the Frappuccino.

Sugar Mountain Capital

Beecher's Cheese. Largest investor & former board member of AllRecipes.

Rob Greyber

President of Egencia, formerly known as Expedia Corporate Travel.

Scott Svenson

CEO of MOD Pizza. Former President of Starbucks Europe.

Peter Wernau

CEO of Wernau Asset Management & Managing Partner of Fish City Capital. Crashlytics investor.

Bill King

Former Global Head of Securitized Products for JP Morgan. Board member of Stone Barns.

Chasing Unicorns

The SEO geniuses behind Stripes39 (reviews.com & more).

Indicator Fund

Small investment firm with folks from Facebook and Twitter.

& more

Telos Ventures, Food-X & more.